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Jamie Monroe

artist statement

My art is all about the beauty of being different. I believe each person was born with a unique quality about themselves. It’s like a hidden energy that’s deeply rooted under our skin. Every human is one of one. 

If I were to pin point where my inspiration comes from, I would say I’m inspired by almost everything. The world is art. Look at the natural shapes and colors we’re surrounded by each day. We are connected to these natural forms, because we as humans create thing’s we need at times based off its structures without even realizing. Even the way we dress is a form of art. I could go on but basically,


I paint with acrylic paints and my main form is the side profile. Capturing the beauty of each character through various shapes and colors is the main goal. Using the elements of art, I combine my idea of futuristic and vintage qualities to make the details more intriguing. These paintings are expressions of how I view and understand that everyone is different.


Welcome to the RetroFuture!




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