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Keyonna                              Jones


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Photo by Dee Dwyer


Keyonna, a Washington, D.C. native, is a multi-talented individual with a passion for art, community advocacy, and entrepreneurship. With a background in journalism and a Master's in Science Management, she brings a unique perspective to her creative endeavors.


As the founder of Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center (CHACC), Keyonna has been instrumental in bringing new and necessary artistic experiences to the East of the River community in D.C. She also serves as Board Chair of The Creative School, showcasing her commitment to youth, education and creativity.


In addition to her community efforts, Keyonna has pursued various hobbies and turned them into successful entrepreneurial ventures. She is a skilled tattoo artist, published fashion stylist, talented photographer, graphic designer, and avid gardener.


Keyonna's artistic talents have gained recognition, including being one of the seven artists selected to paint the 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' mural. She has collaborated with notable organizations such as the Washington Mystics, the Washington Commanders, and Pharrell's Something in the Water Festival.


In September 2022, Keyonna received the 37th Annual Mayors Arts Awards for Excellence as a Community Arts Advocate, further highlighting her dedication to the arts and her community.


As a proud mother to her children, Kayla Shawn and Keon Michael, Keyonna finds inspiration in her role as a parent and continues to make a positive impact through her artistic pursuits.

Artist Statement

Keyonna is an artist whose journey encompasses various forms of expression, from tattoo artistry to mural creation. Guided by the spirit, Keyonna believes in allowing her creativity to flow freely. Specializing in line and one-line art, she channels the power of fluid artistic expression as a healing tool, fostering introspection and inspiring positive change.


With the mantra 'bee yourself, face yourself, pace yourself - healing starts within,' Keyonna firmly believes that art has the potential to ignite transformative shifts in our world. As a leader in her community, Keyonna has founded an art nonprofit, creating spaces that provide the same support and opportunities she has always desired.


As a proud mother to her children, Kayla Shawn and Keon Michael, Keyonna is driven to leave a lasting impact through her artistic endeavors. As a black queer woman art administrator, she aspires to encourage individuals to delve within themselves, embrace their authenticity, and embark on their own healing journeys to inspire change in the world.


"Together, let us break generational curses and harness the power of art as a catalyst for change in our ever-evolving world."

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