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Booking Preparation

  • Virtual 'Konsultations' available for $30 non-refundable fee - (fee is not credited towards booking - not required)

  • Non-refundable/Non-transferable $60 deposit required at the time of booking (fee is not credited towards final price - required)

  • $100 minimum 

  • $100 per hour for large tattoos (over 5"), tattoos w/ heavy shading + multiple tattoos in a session

  • A predetermined Flat Rate for Small/Medium Tattoos (Prices vary depending on size + detail starting at $100)

  • You can email or text your design prior to booking for concerns but all virtual 'konsultations' will be a $30 non-refundable fee

  • When booking, please be sure to include correct phone number as I will text you 48 hours before your appointment with the studio address + arrival instructions.

Appointment Preparation

  • If you have not shared your tattoo vision by the time of booking (which I suggest) , please email or text at least 72 hours before your appointment

  • If necessary, I can provide a draft of your vision and a estimate time/fee based on your design and placement details

  • Please complete and bring the 'Consent Form' below + print aftercare instructions for your records

  • Arrive promptly to appointment at designated time and text 202.505.5667 once you'e arrived to the location 

  • No other visitors or children allowed during appointment unless prior discussed and approved. 

  • Client must be 18 years of age unless accompanied and represented by a guardian 


aftercare info



Note for Booking: If you're viewing from your mobile device, please select 'KMJ6Ink' in the drop down menu on the next page.

KMJ6INK work samples


  • Kindly purchase this ticket before getting any of my work tattooed on you (previously created +/or commissioned)/


  • This permission grants you non-exclusive right and one time only use of the chosen image from available designs from my Instagram (@kayemjay6)  or website for the purpose of reproducing it as a body art in the form of permanent tattoo.


  • Keyonna 'KAYEMJAY6" Jones retains all original rights to the image used as tattoo design


  • Send me pictures of my art on your body!

Note: All artwork is subject to copyright + any reproduction or use of any artwork without permission will be infringing copyright.

Once your purchase your tattoo ticket, I will be in touch via email.

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